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Installation Instructions

Download and run the msi setup installer appropriate for your operating system.

Follow the wizard to complete the installation.

Usage Instructions

Right-click on a NAnt .build file in Windows Explorer to display the NAntMenu Shell Extension.

Select the NAnt build target you want to execute within the NAnt sub-menu.

The Build Output Dialog will be displayed that will allow you to filter Errors, Warning, and Information messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't view the help documentation after downloading it. The help viewer displays the message, "Navigation to the webpage was canceled" (Windows Vista\7) or "Action canceled" (Windows XP). What should I do?
Right-click on the .chm file, select Properties, click the Unblock button, click OK, and then try again.
  • Which NAnt file extensions are supported?
  • Which version of NAnt is used to run NAnt build files?
NAnt v0.91-alpha2
  • How do I launch nant.exe as Administrator when using NAntMenu?
Run windows explorer (or the application that hosts the shell context) as Administrator.

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